Tolvaptan moment

As I mentioned, it makes you thirsty. One warm evening this past summer, a few minutes after strolling across the Brooklyn Bridge with my girlfriend Amy — having drunk a full bottle of water during the stroll — I felt the thirst building again. We were walking down Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights, looking for a place to have dinner. I looked forward to the glass of water we would get when we sat down, but suddenly realized I couldn’t wait. As we walked by a restaurant, I spotted a pitcher of water that had been placed on a shelf by the wait staff. Looking quickly to be sure no waitrons were nearby, I grabbed the pitcher, filled a nearby glass, and drained the glass. Only then did I notice the restaurant’s diners, many of whom were looking at me with curiosity.Technorati Profile

Every few months, as part of the study, a pleasant nurse practitioner asks me whether, since the last time I was there, my increased thirst has ever made me feel embarrassed. That time the answer was yes.

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